Watch Mistake for McCarthy to Only Give ‘Entertainer’ Tucker Carlson 1/6 Footage – Latest News

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Watch Mistake for McCarthy to Only Give ‘Entertainer’ Tucker Carlson 1/6 Footage – Latest News

Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) should not have released security footage of the January 6 Capitiol riot to “entertainer” Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Sen. Kevin Cramer said, “A four-hour stroll through the Capitol that is marred by a half hour of rioting doesn’t make it a peaceful protest. No one supposed to be in the Capitol, so there’s not a single person who is completely innocent of wrongdoing, but not anyone that is at the level of crime. 518, by the way, have confessed to committing crimes that day and 420 have been prosecuted and sentenced, so clearly, it wasn’t a peaceful protest.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “You’ve been on a guest on Fox News. You have seen all these internal communications. Does it given you pause about how they conduct themselves with you?”

Cramer said, “I don’t confuse my job with anybody Fox News, least of all the entertainers at prime time. That is not to say they don’t add value, but I don’t confuse Tucker Carlson with Bret Baier or Dana Perino or Bill Hemmer or the MSNBC personalities with what you do Sunday mornings. I think there is way too much entertainment. What I do regret probably as much as anything about the release of 41,000 hours is that it was released to one person in prime time who is rather sensational in his approach and rather than just releasing it to everybody. I think transparency absolutely is the best way to go, and Kevin McCarthy is right to do it. I just wish he had released it to everybody at the same time.”

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