Watch Spanish Prosecutor Links Pornorgpahy Use to Youth Sex Attack Surge – Latest News

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Watch Spanish Prosecutor Links Pornorgpahy Use to Youth Sex Attack Surge – Latest News

A Spanish juvenile prosecutor has linked the consumption of pornography to a rise in sex attack cases among Spanish youth, claiming perpetrators use porn as a tutorial.

Juvenile prosecutor Eduardo Esteban spoke out about a recent surge of sex crime cases involving minors, stating that the increase has taken place since 2015 and that Internet pornography may play a role.

“They go to pornography as if it were a tutorial that we handle on the Internet,” Esteban told the newspaper El Mundo.

“There is really no sexual training for minors, who are resorting to alternative routes, nothing desirable, such as pornography.”

Estebana added that the early access to Internet pornography at such young ages has led some youth to trivialize sex entirely.

Along with a rise in sex crimes, Esteban claimed that there has been a rise in people filming their assaults. He alleged that many of the crimes are carried out not purely for sexual gratification but in order to brag to others.

“It’s becoming very commonplace, not just sex crimes, but violence or property crimes, which seem to care more about telling it than doing it. It seems to act as another motivation,” he said, noting that the recordings can often lead to convictions.

In many parts of Europe, sex attacks have been filmed and spread on social media in recent years, including the rape of a Swedish girl that was broadcast over Facebook by two asylum seekers from Afghanistan and another man, a 25-year-old born in Iran with Swedish citizenship.

In another case in 2017, four Syrian migrants were arrested for filming and molesting underage girls at a German swimming pool in the town of Löbau. All four were said to be adults at the time, with the oldest, a 31-year-old, filming the young girls.

Underage girls are also becoming more at risk of sex attacks in Finland, according to a University of Tampere study released last year which found as many as eight per cent, nearly one in ten, girls in grade nine had been victims of sexual violence.

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