Watch Teach Children About Dangers Posed by Andrew Tate, UK Police Say – Latest News

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Watch Teach Children About Dangers Posed by Andrew Tate, UK Police Say – Latest News

Schools in Britain should teach young boys about the dangers posed by the likes of Andrew Tate, a police official has said.

Maggie Blyth, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for violence against women and girls, has said that policing bodies in the UK would like to see schools start teaching children about the claimed dangers of online “misogyny”, as well of influencers such as Andrew Tate.

It comes amid evidence that Tate has become extremely popular amongst young males in the country, with a recent report finding that around three-quarters of Gen Z males had seen content produced by the influencer.

During an interview with The Times, Blyth said that UK law enforcement now wanted to see schools tackle the likes of Tate in the hopes it will curb the influence of his ideas.

“I think there’s so much more that must and should be done at primary school into secondary about boys’ behaviour, and what boys feel they get away with,” she told the publication.

“The exacerbated risk around Instagram and Snapchat, where behavior goes on online that is unchecked — sharing of images, pornography, misogyny,” she continued, adding that the Andrew Tate situation was “grave”.

Ultimately, the senior officer said that society needed to examine how ultimately to “stop men and boys developing a [harmful] type of behavior or attitude” when it comes to women, an attitude that she appeared to link strongly to beliefs and views espoused by Andrew Tate.

Blyth appears to be taking part in a losing battle however, with recent polling published by far-left private intelligence agency ‘Hope Not Hate’ claiming that around 74 per cent of boys in Britain have seen the influencer’s online material, with almost all having a positive view of the former MMA fighter.

School teachers in the country have also seemingly struggled to stop the tide of Tatism, with many educators signing up for courses designed to help them fight the rise of the social media giant, as well as so-called “rampant masculinity” more generally.

Some of these anti-Tate courses have reportedly been set up by activist Matt Pinkett, a progressive education guru with a history of pushing for children to get “pornography education”, as well as for measures fighting “rape culture”.

How effective such measures will be remains to be seen, with some teachers saying that many young boys have been drawn to Tate’s doctrine of “hard work and hard exercise”.

Tate has also been a hardline advocate for Islam, something he sees as being the “last true religion” available to men.

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