Watch Germany Becoming an ‘Eco-Dictatorship’, Professor Warns – Latest News

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Watch Germany Becoming an ‘Eco-Dictatorship’, Professor Warns – Latest News

Germany is rapidly descending into “eco-dictatorship” under the country’s Green minister for economics, an expert has claimed.

Prof. Manuel Frondel, a member of the RWI Essen (Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Essen) think-tank, has lashed out at Robert Habeck, Germany’s economics and climate change minister, saying that the country is devolving into an “eco-dictatorship” under his watch.

The statement was in response to Habeck’s latest great reset plan which will see oil and gas heating completely banned in the country from 2045, with the minister also planning to implement restrictions on heating systems allowed in the German market much earlier.

With Habeck having also implemented numerous other controversial energy policies already, this was seemingly the last straw for Prof. Frondel, who expressed outrage regarding the proposed plan.

“Germany is on the way to eco-dictatorship,” the think-tank tsar told Bild. “I am appalled by Robert Habeck’s plans to ban [gas and oil] heating.”

The professor went on to add that while it would make some sense to implement economic restrictions on non-renewable sources of home heating, allowing people to make the switch to cleaner methods at their own pace, forcing an adjustment by as soon as 2045 was overstepping the mark.

As a result, the ban is ultimately an “inadmissible interference with property rights” in Germany, Frondel argued, who ultimately called the planned reforms “unnecessary”.

Frondel’s criticisms, though the latest to be levelled at Minister Habeck, are far from the first to hit the ruling German official, with the current government’s handling of the ongoing energy crisis provoking outrage from even some of Germany’s green allies.

The Green minister’s handling of the energy crisis has not left many in the country in a good spot, with the spiking price of both electricity and gas causing chaos for both citizens and businesses within the EU nation-state.

Things got so bad in fact that at one stage, the sub-Saharan nation of Namibia launched an initiative to encourage Germans to emigrate to the country over the winter months, with authorities in the African state saying that any would-be migrants would not have to worry about sky-high energy prices.

“You can live and work here during the winter, you don’t have to fear the high heating costs like in Germany!” one Namibian official said. “We always have electricity!”

Such a dire energy situation however was not enough to dissuade progressive politicians in the country from deprioritising their aims, with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz eventually being forced to bypass those in the rco-uling Green party to keep Germany’s three remaining nuclear power plants online.

Despite receiving numerous warnings from would-be allies in Europe, including Greta Thunberg, ruling German politicians were adamant that they should take the plants offline despite the risks of rolling blackouts last winter, which were ultimately avoided due to unseasonably warm weather.

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