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‘ Fintech Startup Stripe Integrating OpenAI’s New GPT-4 AI – US News Youtube HD Video Online

SAN FRANCISCO – Fintech startup Stripe is starting to integrate OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 artificial intelligence model into its digital payment processing and other products, Stripe said on Wednesday.

The news followed an announcement by Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI that it would release GPT-4, a new version of the powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has powered chatbot sensation ChatGPT.

The Stripe move represents one of the first known integrations of OpenAI’s new technology, underscoring large companies’ interest in embedding AI in their product offerings.

There are currently 14 GPT-4 prototypes in the works at San Francisco-based Stripe, said Emily Sands, Stripe’s head of information.

The first offering will be a way for Stripe’s software developers to type out a question and receive summarized answers instead of having to search through developer documentation, Sands said.

Another test in the works allows Stripe’s customers to make queries about their business analytics using natural language instead of needing to write database queries, she added.

OpenAI will also use Stripe’s payment processing engine to charge its users, including for its ChatGPT Plus subscription, as well as to buy credits for the DALL-E image-generation product, according to Stripe.

As competition in AI heats up, it remains unclear whether companies will be able to successfully commercialize their products and charge users for them.

(Reporting by Anna Tong; Editing by Jamie Freed)

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