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Médecins Sans Frontières is a worldwide free clinical helpful association, which offers help to populaces in trouble, to casualties of normal or man-made calamities and to survivors of furnished clash, without separation and independent of race, religion, doctrine or political affiliation.

MSF is a common society drive that unites people focused on the help of other individuals in emergency. As such MSF is by decision an affiliation. Every individual working with MSF does this is because of conviction and is prepared to maintain the qualities and standards of MSF.

The MSF development is worked around five functional directorates upheld by MSF’s 21 segments, 24 affiliations and different workplaces together around the world. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The tasks are carried out by field groups and the mission coordination groups; along with the hierarchical units situated in Barcelona, Athens and decentralized in Nairobi, Dakar and Amman. The field tasks are directed and upheld by 5 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and different offices supporting operations.


In close joint effort with the Head Of Mission and the Medical Department, characterizing and carrying out the clinical procedure of the mission. Being liable for the arranging and coordination of every clinical movement and assets in the mission, as per MSF(*’s) sanction, strategies, and moral standards with thought of worldwide and public laws, to guarantee the conveyance of value clinical consideration for patients and their networks just as to further develop the ailment and philanthropic everyday environments of the objective population.MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS

• Being liable for characterizing, observing and refreshing the clinical substance of the

MSF country strategy, clinical methodology, yearly arrangement and financial plan, deciphering the recognized wellbeing needs into a clinical key vision and venture targets, needs and assets required to cover the clinical and compassionate necessities of the populace in danger, and guaranteeing that the destinations and objectives set in the Mission’s yearly arrangement, CPP and undertaking plans are accomplished. • Being generally liable for the suitability and nature of clinical intercessions led by

MSF projects and being relied upon to distinguish and chip away at eliminating hindrances to better persistent wellbeing, compelling clinical consideration, and better understanding focused activities.• Continuously checking the clinical and philanthropic requirements in the Mission country through exploratory missions, the utilization of wellbeing data frameworks, observing and investigating project proposition, deciding fundamental assets to cover clinical and helpful requirements of the populace at risk

• Being answerable for the oversight and checking of the clinical specialized angles, compassionate requirements and as a team with the Logistics Coordinator, the material parts of the projects through ordinary field visits, examining challenges during the execution and revealing deviations as they show up, to proactively give the essential arrangements and accomplish functional outcomes

• In close cooperation with the HR Coordinator, taking part in the arranging, definition and measuring of the wellbeing labor force in the mission and directing the related cycles (enrollment, approval of clinical staff, preparing/acceptance, assessment, likely recognition, advancement and correspondence). Instructing and straightforwardly supporting task facilitators and clinical groups in the execution of the clinical activities.

• Together with the HR Coordinator, characterizing, refreshing and carrying out the Mission’s

and Safety Policy Framework including clinical protection, social bundles and bringing home approach. Guaranteeing the assurance of the greatest conceivable degree of clinical related security issues (mental and actual wellbeing and wellbeing in the working environment) and observing the mental status of all Mission’s staff, recommending answers for assist with further developing emotional well-being connected issuesHealth• Being liable for characterizing and estimating different assets (drug store and clinical gear the executives in a joint effort with coordinations) and timetables, strategies and conventions. Guaranteeing planning of all clinical orders in a joint effort with the Logistics Department and the accommodation of all clinical buy solicitations to HQ. Being responsible for the appropriate administration of the drug store in the Mission, including projects.

• Providing investigates the mission’s advancement according to the clinical viewpoint, as required, and is answerable for the Medical Library of the Mission. Educating the clinical field staff of all materials accessible, and keeping all clinical reports refreshed in the database

• Representing MSF before nearby clinical specialists and keeping normal contact with different partners in the mission (NGOs, neighborhood associations, givers, experts) to widen the clinical compassionate circumstance investigation, fortifying the effect of the clinical intercession and supporting promotion activities to raise philanthropic awareness


This job is a novel situation inside OCBA, where the position satisfies the obligation of Medical Coordinator and holds the capacity of Cell

Advisor. A field based position, the job will uphold the local HoM and RECO in arranging and executing OCBAs exercises in Asia. The position will be essential for the Asia Unit (AU), which is settled inside Cell 3, close by an AU FinCo/Cell Fin, HRCO/Cell HR, and LogCo/Cell Log. The position is viewed as a field based position, which can be situated in one of the accompanying OCBA center points – Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila or Delhi, however with an inclination for Bangkok considering functional volume. The position is upheld by a representative Medical Coordinator situated in Jakarta.HealthThe Asia Unit as of now directs activities in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and SE Asia, but existing Bangladesh and India tasks are to be given over to different areas or shut before the finish of 2021.

By the time the position begins (start Dec 2021), there will be two continuous center undertakings inside the AU portfolio, with arranged explos for 3 additional potential ventures expected.


Advisor functionHealthThe position sits as an

TESACO in the HQ utilitarian grid; as such the job is relied upon to take an interest in all HQ level conversations that include TESACOs. Contingent upon the profile and interests of the candidate, cooperation in and portion of HQ dossiers will be normal. He/she will be the interface between of the Medical Department, the clinical staff in the field and the Asia Unit. He/she is progressively responsible to the Head of the Asia Unit (Cell 3 RECO), while practically connected to the Head of the Operational Medical Service of the Medical Department. Different elements of the TESACO job include:‘honourary’1. Offer vital and specialized help to handle teams

Collaborate with and give specialized help to the groups in the field in all periods of the undertaking cycle (needs appraisal, plan of task proposition, arranging, observing and assessment, project re-direction, development or conclusion),

  • for ordinary, exploratory, and crisis missions.Define and legitimize the clinical technique of the ventures inside portfolio, guaranteeing it is lined up with the two Operations and Medical Department’s objectives.
  • Assist in setting up networks with public wellbeing entertainers and clinical academia.
  • Support missions with clinical counsel when drafting the yearly arranging of the activities, in close coordinated effort with the remainder of the individuals from his/her cell and the help of the Medical department.
  • Provide clinical specialized help to the alloted portfolio, considering functional directions and the contribution from help services.
  • Support crises when required, to guarantee adequacy of our response.
  • 2. Regulate and backing execution of arrangements and plans

Ensure that the Organization’s clinical standards, rules, and approaches are carried out, just as the proposals referenced in the distinctive clinical assessments. Recognize report on, and challenge circumstances in which their execution isn’t practical or may prevent the accomplishment of functional objectives.

  • Contribute to execution of the yearly functional arrangement in the ventures inside portfolio, as per clinical policies.
  • 3. Guarantee fitting acquisition, observing and the executives of clinical supplies

Ensure the right checking and the board of clinical supplies by the clinical groups in the field. Guarantee that all methodology followed for nearby buys, and gifts, of clinical commodities.

  • Validate all clinical orders that fall under the
  • class of the acquisition protocol.“exceptions”Ensure that crisis cushion stocks in the missions are reliable with the EPP (Preparedness Plan) together with Technical Referents.
  • Ensure the nature of clinical intercessions consent to MSF principles; however appropriate observing of clinical revealing from the Field, guaranteeing that arrangements in power went along with.
  • 4. Follow up ventures and backing reporting

Ensure ideal and precise clinical and drug store announcing is presented by missions; to break down the satisfaction of functional and clinical goals, and feed clinical functional observing and analysis.

  • Follow up the specialized clinical piece of the undertakings through field visits and specialized reports.
  • Analyse the clinical data, insights, subjective data, studies and guide the mission accordingly.
  • Support the clinical groups in the field when drafting the specialized