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Watch 2021 MacBook Pro reportedly giving users SD card reader issues, Apple yet to confirm – Google Technology News Youtube HD Video Online

Apple’s MacBook Pro that arrived earlier this year is a radical upgrade. That is because of the throwback design that features extra ports that pro users, such as video editors, have been longing for. The SD card slot on the MacBook Pro is a welcome change, but it has become unwelcoming apparently. And now users of the new MacBook Pro are completely annoyed because the SD port is giving them issues, such as unreadable files and slow speeds.

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MacRumors has come across multiple reports on the internet that outline how problematic the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are turning out to be for users. The biggest annoyance is the SD card reader, which is reportedly giving different issues to different users.

While one user described his experience with the SD card reader as “super flakey” because his MacBook Pro takes about 1 minute to read the SD card and then sometimes shows an error reading the card, another user was just appalled because every time he used the SD card, the Finder on his MacBook Pro would just crash trying to read the card.

“It’s very frustrating. I was hoping that import from SD card including preview of images would be quick on my new 14 MBP. I have a fairly new 64GB SD card which had been working fine. But Photos on the MBP using the internal SD card slot takes minutes to show photos and sometimes crashes half way through. Sometimes the Finder crashes too,” said one MacBook Pro user.

In situations like this, the best resort is to format the SD card according to the MacBook’s native formats. However, users were frustrated after they found that this solution did not work. And, surprisingly, the SD cards were not faulty because they worked with USB-C dongles with card readers.

“The only thing that is consistent is that if a card works, it always works, and if a card does not work properly it never works properly. Reformatting, even to all other possible formats, makes no difference. Sandisk, Sony, Samsung, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, UHS-I, UHS-II, micro-SD, FAT32, exFAT, makes no difference. 100% of my cards work perfectly via a dongle.”

With several reports mounting, it is time for Apple to acknowledge the issue before it is too late. The comeback of the SD card was celebrated by the pro-user community, but with these issues, the MacBook Pro may be on its way to failure amongst them. And even if a fix arrives soon, that will not change the limitations of the hardware. In our review of the MacBook Pro, we found that the SD card supports only UHS-II cards, which is not as fast as the UHS-III cards that are mostly in use right now. Simply put, the card reader still relies on older technology and transfers data at low speeds, as compared to external card readers.

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