Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Watch Chainsaw-wielding populist Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency and promises ‘drastic’ changes – Australia Trending News


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Populist Javier Milei has resoundingly won Argentina’s presidential election, swinging the country to the right following a fiercely polarised campaign in which he promised a dramatic shake-up to the state to deal with soaring inflation and rising poverty.

With 99.4 per cent of votes tallied in the presidential runoff, Mr Milei had 55.7 per cent and Economy Minister Sergio Massa 44.3 per cent, according to Argentina’s electoral authority.

It is the widest victory margin in a presidential race since the South American country’s return to democracy in 1983.

In the streets of Buenos Aires, drivers honked their horns and many took to the streets to celebrate in several neighbourhoods.

Outside Mr Milei’s party headquarters, a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires, a full-on party kicked off with supporters singing, buying beers from vendors and setting off coloured smoke bombs.

They waved Argentine flags and the yellow Gadsden flag, emblazoned with the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” which Mr Milei’s movement has adopted.

An aerial shot of a huge crowd of Javier Milei supporters gathered in Bueons Aires.

Supporters of presidential candidate Javier Milei gather outside his campaign headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday, November 19, 2023.(AP: Matias Delacroix)

Inside, the self-described anarcho-capitalist who has been compared to former US president Donald Trump, delivered his victory speech, saying the “reconstruction of Argentina begins today”.

“Argentina’s situation is critical. The changes our country needs are drastic. There is no room for gradualism, no room for lukewarm measures,” Mr Milei told supporters.

Mr Massa of the ruling Peronist party had already conceded defeat, saying Argentines “chose another path”.

“Starting tomorrow … guaranteeing the political, social and economic functions is the responsibility of the new president. I hope he does,” Mr Massa said.

Argentine presidential candidate Sergio Massa addresses supporters.

Argentine presidential candidate Sergio Massa addresses supporters to concede defeat.(Reuters: Adriano Machado)

With a Milei victory, the country will take an abrupt shift rightward and a freshman politician who got his start as a television talking head blasting what he called the “political caste” will assume the presidency.

Inflation has soared above 140 per cent and poverty has worsened while Mr Massa has held his post.

Mr Milei has said he would slash the size of the government, dollarise the economy and eliminate the Central Bank as a way to tackle galloping inflation that he blames on successive governments printing money indiscriminately in order to fund public spending.

He also espouses several conservative social policies, including an opposition to sex education in schools and abortion, which Argentina’s Congress legalised in 2020.

“This is a triumph that is less due to Milei and his peculiarities and particularities and more to the demand for change,” said Lucas Romero, the head of Synopsis, a local political consulting firm.

“What is being expressed at the polls is the weariness, the fatigue, the protest vote of the majority of Argentines.”

Contrasting campaigns

Mr Massa’s campaign cautioned Argentines that his libertarian opponent’s plan to eliminate key ministries and otherwise sharply curtail the state would threaten public services, including health and education, and welfare programs many rely on.

Mr Massa also drew attention to his opponent’s often aggressive rhetoric and openly questioned his mental acuity; ahead of the first round, Mr Milei sometimes carried a revving chainsaw at rallies.

Javier Milei weilds a chainsaw above his head during a campaign rally.

Javier Milei used a chainsaw throughout his campaign to symbolise how he will slash government spending and waste.(AP: Natacha Pisarenko)

“There were lot of voters that weren’t convinced to vote Milei, who would vote null or blank. But come the day of the vote, they voted for Milei because they’re all pissed off,” Andrei Roman, CEO of Brazil-based pollster Atlas Intel, said.

“Everyone talked about the fear of Milei winning. I think this was a fear of Massa winning and economy continuing the way it is, inflation and all that.”

Mr Milei accused Mr Massa and his allies of running a “campaign of fear” and he walked back some of his most controversial proposals, such as loosening gun control.

In his final campaign ad, Mr Milei looks at the camera and assures voters he has no plans to privatise education or health care.

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