Friday, December 1, 2023
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A primer for understanding today’s politics:

Lie: A statement that isn’t one hundred percent true.

Hypocrite: One who advocates one thing while practicing another.

Racist: A person who discriminates against another on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.

Truth: That which is absolute, is actually the case, and is in reality, a fact.

White Supremacist: A person who advocates the superiority of the white race.

Denialist: One who continuously denies the truth.

Christian Nationalist: A person who claims that their own Christian-based belief is the one true belief and that those beliefs should dictate the rules for how society is structured, politically and socially.

Reality: The state of existence that is actually true and accurate.

Woke: An adjective and political term meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination, including an awareness of other issues of social inequality, like gender and sexual orientation.”

Fascist: One who espouses an authoritarian, dictatorial, corporate-controlled, undemocratic state.

Narcissist: A conceited, self-obsessed, non-empathetic person.

Megalomaniac: One who has an obsessive desire for power.

— Sam Burkhardt, Santa Cruz

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