Monday, December 4, 2023
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The “breaking news” is business as usual

The media calls it “Breaking News,” when it is just business as usual. Another mass shooting carried out by a mentally disturbed person with easy access to an assault rifle. This is the sad state of our gun-obsessed society where it is not safe to go to the store, a movie, bowling, a restaurant or to accidentally knock on the wrong door to ask for directions.

The Republican Party has named a new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. He could not be a more far-right MAGA lunatic if he tried. He supports a ban on abortion from conception with no exceptions, and is against rights for LGBTQ+ people who have never done him harm and just want to live their lives. He voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election and, in fact, fought to overturn it, and has voted against aid to Ukraine, because the current Republican Party seeks to destroy democracy here and around the world. He believes our government should be run according to his religious beliefs.

Knowing all this, is it any surprise that his response to this latest atrocity is that we should all pray that it ends. Once again worthless thoughts and prayers. Republicans won’t even discuss sensible gun control because they might lose the votes of the gun fanatics. The very babies that they don’t want aborted grow up to be children who go to school where they are slaughtered. But then, children can’t vote so they must be expendable. If it’s not the votes, then it’s the fact that they fear being killed by the terrorists in their base whom they incite with their rhetoric.

Mike Johnson is right; we should all pray that this senseless killing stops. But, more than that, I will pray that Republicans will look in the mirror and see how far they have fallen as a party when votes and guns are more important than human lives. I will pray that complacent Democrats get out in record numbers and vote until there are no Republicans in office to destroy our democracy.

Francine Michaud, Windsor Locks

Inspiring change in a beloved homeland

During the uncertainties that plagued the entire world due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the non-profit organization of Bless Back Jamdown Missions was launched to be a beacon of hope to underserved populations on the island of Jamaica. The manifestation of the organization’s mission was birthed out of the desire that founder Sherlene Templeman had to give back to her beloved homeland.

At the tender age of 15, Sherlene migrated to the United States, leaving her family behind in order to find a better path in life while working with the intention of helping those who were left back “a yaad’. Over the years, as she has worked her way through challenges and circumstances, she has never forgotten her roots. It has been a long time coming, but today Templeman’s dream of giving back to Jamaica as her motto says, “We can’t forget the land of our birth,” is slowly coming to pass. In Kingston, St. Catherine and St. Thomas, she has managed to cater to those in need by providing food, clothing and personal items. Her experience of knowing what it is like to be in need and hungry — she was once a part of the underserved community — has been one of the driving forces behind her desire to serve the Jamaican society in this way.

Her faith in Christ also has been a primary force behind the organization’s mission to help those in need, as Sherlene and her team seek to follow the example of Jesus’ command in caring for those in need. It is the desire of BBJD Missions to touch thousands of lives in Jamaica as they seek to expand their outreach by providing for underserved populations in all 14 parishes as time progresses.

Who would have thought that beauty could come out of ashes, light could come out of utter gloom and darkness? Well, it’s not impossible … Bless Back Jamdown Missions has proven so, as Sherlene and her team works toward their goals. The driving force behind all of this is the desire to make a difference and inspire change, one meal at a time.

Rene L. Lambert, Manchester

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