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Watch What will Magalí Gil do, after the DNA results with Diego Maradona are known – Latest News

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Watch What will Magalí Gil do, after the DNA results with Diego Maradona are known
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Magali Gil and Diego Maradona
Magali Gil and Diego Maradona

“Diego Maradona is your dad”, Told him Claudiahis biological mother whom he had just met, Magali Gil. Those words aroused a doubt in the young woman who is now 27 years old that until that moment, happy with her adoptive parents, she had not fulfilled herself, what were its origins? From that moment she began her search for his identity.

After making a claim for affiliation, with Maradona in life Matías Morla assured him that they would get together to extract the corresponding DNA samples to verify (or not) their relationship. First due to the pandemic, and then due to the death of the idol on November 25, 2020, that never happened and the case continued its course through the courts until On December 16 of last year, the corresponding exams were carried out.

That day in La Plata by order of the Civil and Commercial Court No. 20 Genetic material was extracted from Magalí, from Eugenia Laprovittola, who is carrying out a similar case, and from Dieguito Fernando and Verónica Ojeda to facilitate the work of the experts. These samples were compared with the extracted from the body of the sports idol and last week, after a considerable delay due to lack of supplies, the results were known.

The comparison of samples concluded that there is no link between Magalí Gil and Diego Maradona
The comparison of samples concluded that there is no link between Magalí Gil and Diego Maradona

“The observed results EXCLUDE DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA (deceased) as possible father of MAGALÍ ALEJANDRA GIL”reads the court document to which teleshow had access, ruling out a link between her and the father of Diego Junior, Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Dieguito Fernando. To speed up the process to reach the conclusions Claudia, her biological mother also contributed her samples.

The conclusion of the exams can be understood as a setback. Nevertheless, It is still a path to the truth, which is what the young mother sought since she began her journey. Marcelo Left, Gil’s lawyer spoke for the first time since the news broke. The first thing he managed to do in dialogue with teleshow was give the thanks “to the Justice, to Dieguito Fernando and Verónica Ojeda for lending themselves to doing the histocompatibility test and to the media”.

This end means a new beginning for Magali, who with a certainty in handwill continue with the search for her biological father, for which her legal representative will continue to accompany her, according to what he himself assured. “Not much more to add.the possibility that she was not Maradona’s daughter was one of the two options and that’s how it happened “, said the lawyer who also insisted on highlighting the actions of the Justice: “I do not want to leave aside that it was possible to compare samples of Diego Armando Maradona himself, thanks to the intervention of the Civil Court number 20 of La Plata and the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office who investigated the death.

Magalí Gil's statement
Magalí Gil’s statement

Last year she had extrajudicially performed a DNA analysis with one of the sports idol’s sisters and that result showed “low probability of affiliation” which was not the same as “negative”. “This is a result that I have to close because the doubt is there and that is why I started this. But my life goes on as usual. The most important thing I have here with me, my family”, Magalí had said at that time, who is currently in a relationship, has two children and always considered “mom and dad” the marriage that adopted her when she was a baby.

From the first day in dialogue with this site, she had been aware that Maradona might not become her father: “It was always in the possibilities that he was or was not my biological father. But for my part I am super calm, the important thing was to know the truth whether yes or no and nothing else.


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Watch What will Magalí Gil do, after the DNA results with Diego Maradona are known
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