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Watch “Suicide Squad”: According to him, David Ayer’s version requires no reshoots and is “shockingly different” – Latest News

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Watch “Suicide Squad”: According to him, David Ayer’s version requires no reshoots and is “shockingly different”
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Suicide Squad David Ayer

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (2016) © Warner Bros. Pictures

Those: David Yesterday Twitter

Last year, thanks to massive and tireless fan support, Zack Snyder got the rare opportunity denied to many filmmakers: With Zack Snyder’s Justice League he was allowed to restore his vision of the flopped superhero spectacle after Warner Bros. originally snatched the film from him and had Joss Whedon reshoot and edit a mainstream theatrical version. True, Snyder’s plans for a Justice-Leaguetrilogy never materialized, but at least he was able to release his final DCEU film in its largely original form. The studio that stabbed him in the back committed around $70-80 million for reshoots and completing the visual and sound effects. For many fans it was Zack Snyder’s Justice League an epic, visually stunning triumph that easily overshadowed the meager theatrical version.

David Ayer, on the other hand, was less fortunate Suicide Squad also edited beyond recognition by Warner without his involvement in post-production. When the release of the Snyder Cut was announced, Ayer publicly advocated for the completion of his Suicide Squad. In contrast to Justice League Although his film was a big box office hit, it was mercilessly torn apart by critics and is considered one of the worst comic book adaptations of recent years. Ayer didn’t want to let that sit on him, because after all, his version of the film is said to have been radically different from the theatrical version, as he has repeatedly asserted for two years. Among other things, Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker, which was much ridiculed, is said to be significantly better in Ayer’s version. In the marketing for the film, he still seemed like a main character, but ultimately only had little screen time in the chaotic film.

However, Warner showed no intention, Ayers Suicide Squad to receive the same treatment as Snyders Justice League. In fact, the idea of ​​the ayer cut was dismissed by Ann Sarnoff, the former CEO of Warner Bros.

Als James Gunns Soft-Reboot The Suicide Squad was released to critical acclaim last year, Ayer released over Twitter an open letter about his version of the 2016 film, but also spoke highly of Gunn and wished him success. At the same time, Ayer announced that he would no longer be public about his future Suicide-Squad– version to speak.

He stuck to it for almost a year, but as a Twitter-Fan account of the Ayer Cut recently asked questions about its edit, the director has surprisingly answered some of them. When asked if he needed to shoot new footage for his version with extra budget, he wrote that his film would not require any reshoots, just some new effects. Also, when asked how much his version differs from the theatrical version, he responded with: (from English)

Shockingly different. Apples and pears.

He elaborated on his version in his open letter last summer:

I’ve invested my life in Suicide Squad. I’ve created something great – my version is an intricate and emotional journey involving “bad people” who have been shitted on and thrown away (a theme that resonates with my soul). The studio version is not my film. Read that again.

And my cut isn’t the 10 week Director’s Cut. It’s a mature cut by Lee Smith, built on the foundation of John Gilroy’s incredible work. It’s set to Steven Price’s brilliant music, without a single radio song in the entire film.

It has traditional character development arcs, great performances and a solid third act resolution. A handful of people saw the cut. If someone says they’ve seen it, they haven’t.

As you can read in my review of the film, I found it Suicide Squad grotesquely bad in its theatrical version. It was actually the worst comic book adaptation since 2016 Morbius this came, which incidentally is also said to have suffered in the studio’s editing room. Jared Leto just doesn’t have a good hand with his comic book film projects. Would I still be curious to see Ayer’s version? In any case. I would prefer a sequel to James Gunns The Suicide Squad. As cruel as fate is, however, disappointed The Suicide Squad despite the significantly better quality at the box office, so I don’t expect a sequel in the foreseeable future.

Watch “Suicide Squad”: According to him, David Ayer’s version requires no reshoots and is “shockingly different”
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