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Watch “Fancy Like”: Walker Hayes’ ode to Applebee’s – Latest News Online

At his residence outdoors Nashville, it would not take lengthy for nation music artist Walker Hayes to state the plain: “There ain’t nothing fancy about my studio.” And but, on this room not even large enough for a mattress, he laid down one of many largest hits of the yr.

“Yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night
Got that Bourbon Street Steak with the Oreo Shake
Get some whipped cream on the top, too
Two straws, one check, girl, I got you…”

Walker Hayes – Fancy Like by
WalkerHayesVEVO on

“Fancy Like” put Hayes on the high of the Nation charts … and put Applebee’s on the tip of virtually everybody’s tongue.

Hayes instructed correspondent Lee Cowan, “I think we all thought, this is either going to end your career or just explode it, you know? But we didn’t know.”

It wasn’t simply the hook; it was the infectious dance that Walker’s daughter invented to associate with it.

Hayes mentioned it took him a very long time to get the strikes down. His daughter, Lela, confirmed: “Dad could not do this thing – just cross, middle, up!”

After he posted it on TikTok, the tune – and the dance – blew up. Individuals in all places began doing it. And Applebee’s was fast to catch the viral wave:

Get all “Fancy Like” by
Applebee’s Grill & Bar on

The Oreo Shake was truly off the menu when the tune hit massive – however Applebee’s has now been pressured to place it again on.

Hayes mentioned, “I can’t wait to have grandkids and bring them here, and I’m just going to brag the whole time and be like, ‘This is good, right? You know why it lives here? Because I brought it back!'”


CBS News

“Fancy Like” wasn’t written to be a jingle – it is extra like a journal entry. Hayes is an Applebee’s common, and when you have got six mouths to feed, fancy is relative. He would not stay in a mansion in Nashville, however a smart residence in a smart neighborhood out within the nation. He and his spouse, Laney, moved right here from Alabama 17 years in the past, and Walker received a file deal nearly instantly.

What’s so hard about this town? Like, it’s no big deal. I got a record deal. You know, they’re dressing me in nice clothes, taking photos. And then, I got dropped,” he mentioned.

After which, he received dropped once more.

Singer-songwriter Walker Hayes.

CBS News

“Every label in town had passed on me several times. To numb myself, I drank a ton, you know, while I was writing, while I was playing shows.”

He finally discovered himself working the 4 a.m. shift as Costco, simply to feed his household.

Cowan mentioned, “But you never gave up writing, did you?”

“Well, I wanted to. I began to feel like I was being a worse father by continuing to chase this dream. Like, am I being a good dad, or is it time for me to grow up?”

He received sober, stopped worrying about radio play, and started writing about what mattered to him.

“There was kind of a reckless abandon to the things that I would write,” he mentioned. “They were just true. They were emotional.”

“And really personal?”

“Oh, so personal.”

His 2017 single “You Broke Up With Me” climbed greater on the charts than something he’d written earlier than:

Walker Hayes – You Broke Up with Me by
WalkerHayesVEVO on

He was driving excessive, however then tragedy caught. What would have been the couple’s seventh baby, Oakleigh, died at delivery. 

“I was two years sober,” mentioned Hayes, “and I drove to a bar, and I just wanted to get in the fight. I just wanted to get hammered and get in a fight. But, the Lord had other plans. I didn’t have my wallet.”

He went to an AA assembly as a substitute.

Ever since, Hayes has been writing about what he fears, and what he loves.

His household is probably not “fancy,” however they certain know tips on how to rejoice a Dad who in spite of everything these years lastly had his fancy dream come true: “Fancy Like” has gone Double Platinum.

This requires an Oreo Shake!

CBS News

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